Hot Dipped Galvanized Pressed Steel Sectional Panel Tank / PE Lining Tank

FRP / GRP Panel Water Tank / Stainless Steel Panel Tank

Restoration / Replacement of Bulk Water Storage System
PE Lining Laying Service - Tank / Aquaculture / Landfill Application

Water & Oil Meter, Magnetic / Ultrasonic & Paddle Wheel (Digital) Flowmeter

Analyzers, Transmitter, Paper & Paperless Recorder and Portable Recorder
Consumable (Circular/Strip/Chart/ Thermal) Papers and Cartridges Spares

GKM Brass Bibtap, Stopcock, Ferrules and Level Ball Float Valve

Butterfly (Wafer or D/F) Valve, Sluice Gate (Penstock) and Knife Gate
Automatic Control (Float / Altitude / Pressure Reducing / Surge & Relief) Valve

Hot Dipped Galvanized pressed steel sectional tanks are manufactured to relevant British Standards ( BS 1564 : 1975 ). The system is simple and yet cost effective and requires a very short time for installation. It is currently the most popular bulk storage system for water in the industrial, commercial as well as residential sectors in Malaysia. It is very useful for awkward and difficult locations unsuitable to other forms of bulk storage system. The size of the tank can be readily enlarged by merely adding new panels.

HHE-SUN Pressed Steel Tank

Before HDPE Lining

After HDPE Lining

We supply Mild Steel plate coated externally with red oxide and internally with black bitumin, Hot-Dipped Galvanized and Stainless Steel plates and High Density Polyethylene Sheet (HDPE) Lining tank depending on the customers' requirement. With proper maintenance, the former has a life span of 10 -15 years and the latter 15-20 years.

Our pressed steel sectional tank is assembled by bolting together the side plates, partition plates ( where applicable ) and base plates. Angle stays fixed to cleats or gussets, which in turn are bolted to the side and base plates, obtain rigidity of the tank. The seams of the tanks are sealed with Either (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate plus Natural Rubber) sealant tape or non-toxic and flavorless jointing compound.

We also have a complete range of accessories like water level indicators, internal and external cat ladders, tank covers, valves and pipe fittings. Our services also include installation works, maintenance, designing and construction of relevant foundation and structural supports.

Please contact us for detail specification.

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